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Truth About Caffeine

One supplement which is used and abused by many of us. Caffeine is ubiquitous stimulant found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, and various other foods and drinks. It can cause nutrient depletion of important nutrients, like vitamin B6, and interfere with nutrient absorption of essential minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, and B vitamins (Escott-Stump, […]

Benefits of having Green Tea

Green Tea is most preferable Beverage by Health Consultants or Doctors and considered as Most Healthiest Beverage on this Planet. It is loaded with profuse amount of Antioxidants and Nutrients as compared to other teas which effects our body in very healthy way. Green Tea is one of the least processed beverage with corpulent amount […]

PCOS and Exercise

PCOS (POLY-CYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME) is a hormonal disorder which is very frequent among every 10th women during reproductive age. This hormonal change in the ovaries leads to numerous small collections of follicles which further resists production of eggs.So Women with this disorder face problems in having regular and healthy periods .This problem has more chances […]

Back Pain and Exercises

Machines and machines all around us. We just have to use only our one finger to press the button and all work is done. No more efforts to any of our muscle. But if we don’t use machines for long time , it become less mobile and gets jammed. Similarly as for human body- Human […]