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Machines and machines all around us. We just have to use only our one finger to press the button and all work is done. No more efforts to any of our muscle. But if we don’t use machines for long time , it become less mobile and gets jammed.

Similarly as for human body- Human body is a living machine whose each part is having different functions. But due to non living extraordinary machines, the work of so called most intelligent living machine- THE HUMAN is negligible.

Human body functions best when muscles work synchronised with each other. If we do not use any of our muscle properly ,it results in weakness of our core and pelvis which results in back ache.

Nowadays, most of the jobs are on chair which leads to our muscles to be less flexible. So when these less flexible muscles performs sudden movement for lifting heavy objects,get strain and sprain in the back which results in injury. Back pain is the most common reason nowadays for visiting an Orthopaedist doctors.

In the age between 30-50 years, it is the most common problem as science says after the age of 25 we lose around .5 percent of muscle mass every year if we don’t indulge ourself into resistance training and even the fluid between vertebrae of spine starts reducing ,so spine experiences irritation very frequently.

That’s why it is necessary to strengthen our muscles in the early age by doing good mechanics.

NOTE:-There are some other medical problems like ruptured or herniated disc, arthritis , kidney infections, spinal code infections which also present as back pain. So for these problems we must consult doctor for medical assistance.

But at early stage of our back pain, which is caused due to our bad lifestyle habits, there are so many precautions to prevent and recover from back pain and the best precaution is EXERCISE.

Exercises for strengthening Back Muscles-

1.GLUTE BRIDGES- This exercise helps strengthen largest and strongest muscle gluteus maximus. This muscle is used for most of the hip and lower back activities like walking, squating down on chair, climbing stairs, etc. Weakness in this muscle results in back pain.

• Lie down on the floor, with back straight, feet flat on the floor.

• Keep hands straight on the floor at the sides of your waist and put pressure on palms.

• Slowly lift your buttocks upward towards the ceiling until your body is in straight line by keeping shoulders on the floor.

• Come back down on the floor slowly.

Repeat this 15 times for 3 sets by taking rest of 1 minute between each set

2. DRAWING-IN MANEUVER- This exercise helps strengthen transverse abdominis muscle. It stabilizes the spine and abdomen which prevent injury during movment.

• Lie down on the floor, with back straight, feet flat on the floor.

• Relax hands straight on the floor at the sides of your waist.

• Take a nice deep inhale. Exhale while pulling your belly button in towards your spine , using your abdominal muscles keeping your hips straight.

Repeat this 15 times for 3 sets by taking rest of 1 minute between each set

3. LYING LATERAL LEG RAISE- Hip Abductor Muscle contributes in raising our leg to the side and also supports the pelvis when we are standing on our one leg. If this muscle loses its strength , it results in imbalance and disturbed mobility which can cause back pain. This exercise helps in strengthening the balance and mobility power.

• Lie on one side of your body, balance your body by bending your lower leg slightly.

• Keep your spine straight and raise your upper leg towards ceiling straight, stay there for 2 seconds.

Repeat for 10 times on each sides for 3 sets by taking rest for 1 minute between each set

4. PARTIAL CURLS – This exercise strengthens rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus. These muscles supports the spine and hip alignment and maintains the overall core strength and stability.

• Lie on the floor with straight spine and bent knees

• Cross your hands on the chest.

• Slowly lift your upper part till chest is few inches up from the ground.

• Keep your neck in line with spine i.e. straight instead of rounding.

• Return back to ground straight.

Repeat it 10 times for 3 sets taking rest for 1 minute between each set


• Loose weight if you are overweight.

• Maintains proper posture while sitting and sleeping.

• Sleep on firm and straight surface.

• Avoid high heels.

• Stop smoking- nicotine results in degeneration of spine and affects blood flow.

• Stretch your body backward and stretch legs forward after every 20-30 minutes if you are sitting continuously.

• Keep Moving- Don’t wait for back pain or injury , Do running, aerobics , bicycling daily to prevent your spine from this problem.

When to call a Doctor-

• If your back pain is increasing and becoming unbearable even when you are lying and resting.

• If You are facing difficulty in standing and walking.

• If there is weakness and numbness in your legs.

• If you are loosing control over bowels and bladder.

All these symptoms shows that you may have nerve problem or may be some other medical problem which needs to be treated.

*No Doubt That These Back Strengthning Exercises Are Great In Preventing The Back Pain And Decreases The Chance Of Getting Injury But If You Had Any Kind Of Traumatic Injury Or Accident, Always Consult Your Doctor So That Doctor Can Guide You Accordingly. Never Do Any Exercise Fast And Out Of Control. It Can Result In Late Healing Of Your Injury.

STRONGER YOUR CORE MUSCLES, HEALTHIER AND PAINFREE YOU – Modify your daily habits by adding more physical activities in your daily lifestyle like equipment free exercises and bending for picking up the items from the ground to get the future healthy benefits.

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