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About adhere to fit- (pERSONAL fITNESS tRAINER Australia)

Nowadays, fitness is a prominent issue. We realised the value of health after the epidemic. How slowly some individuals took that for granted, while others worked tirelessly to improve their health.

We make it as simple as possible for everyone to get in shape. With certified personal trainers and cutting-edge fitness equipment, we bring the exercise to you. We can assist you regardless of your fitness, skill, gender, or level of education. Online personal trainers in Australia assess each client’s fitness objectives and design a strategy to help them accomplish them.

The “Adhere to Fit” team of the American Council on Exercise is comprised of Certified Exercise Professionals and Nutritionists. Our experienced trainers are dedicated to supporting you in reaching your optimal health.

We provide fitness at an affordable price. We choose the best online trainer for you from a large pool of candidates. Adhere to Fit has a staff of clinical nutritionists that are well qualified and experienced. A detailed meal plan will be sent to you based on your preferences.

A personal nutritionist has been assigned to you. We’ve addressed all your concerns and requests. A trainer is on hand to keep an eye on your movements while also giving comfort. You have the freedom to work around your schedule to prioritise your health and profession.

A healthy lifestyle is founded on the foundations of proper diet and regular exercise. Our experts’ eating plan is customizable and simple to follow.

We are highly qualified and specialised in a variety of training programmes such as Improving Postural Imbalances, Increasing Core Strength and Endurance, Improving Flexibility, Pre and Post Natal Training, Muscle Toning, Body Building, Cardio-Respiratory Training, Cross-Fit Training, Weight Loss, and plenty more.

All our workout routines are fully scientifically based on your demands and requirements. We provide adaptable training regimens as well as relatively simple food plans to help you accomplish your fitness objectives.

Employ one of our certified personal fitness trainers to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Our Services

1 on 1 personal training

Our experienced fitness coach will guide single individual through planned workout, tailored specially for you based on your goals and current physical fitness.

Group Personal Training

Our  professional fitness coach will train two or three members through coordinated workout programme.

Training in group helps in sharing workouts and awesomeness of intensity together which helps in motivating the whole pack, also its cost friendly.

Online Personal Training

Enables the individual to workout with fitness guide via online mode. No matter how far you are, you can still workout with us on available slots.

Pre Natal & Post Natal Training

Certified fitness coach will provide appropriate fitness services for healthy pregnant and post natal women, which helps to  avoid postpartum problems and lose the extra weight that beautiful mothers put on during pregnancy.


Our Clinical Nutritionist will provide the customised and goal oriented diet plans to speed up your fitness journey.

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Google Reviews

anchal vermaanchal verma
03:31 30 May 22
I've known Harteg Sir for almost 10 years, so I knew that if I ever accomplished my fitness goal, it would be with his knowledge and motivation. During COVID, at a time when most of the world was out of shape, so was I, but the extremely professional team at "Adhere to Fit" got me back into shape in a mere four months. The perfect balance of their "DIETS" is the icing on the cake.Hats off to Harteg Sir's patience and motivation that even if you want to give up, he won't and will make sure to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goal.Overall amazing experience, definitely recommend everyone who takes fitness “seriously”.All the best Team!Cheers ^_^
Pawan KumarPawan Kumar
16:59 27 May 22
Hands down.I have made best choice of training with Adhere to fit.Mr.Harteg and Dr.Aanchal ,both are very competent. They provided me the safest workout plans and perfect diet options.Being a sedentary person,it was very difficult to motivate me.But they did it in a superb manner.Since last 5 months ,I am with this company and am very happy that i chose them.Thanks Harteg for providing such a wonderful service at online platform.
Sharawan MahajanSharawan Mahajan
16:50 27 May 22
Feel very lucky to be in the good hands of adhere to fit. They provide goal oriented workouts and guide in best possible manner. Harteg Sir and his team provide best service in the tricity i have lost 4 kg ina month.I recommend every fitness loving person should once try adhere to fit.
Tarkpreet KaurTarkpreet Kaur
05:51 12 May 22
Trained with Mr.Harteg Singh.Extremely professional. Helped me to achieve my goals by their scientifically oriented workout programmes.Their team member Dr.Aanchal being clinical nutritionist gave me the best suitable and effective diet.As a wholesome it is wonderful experience.I would recommend Adhere to fit to every fitness seeker.
Glory K SinghGlory K Singh
10:15 20 Apr 22
Worked out with Harteg Sir. very focused and knowledgeable.

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