ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Dr. Aanchal Mahajan

Dr. Aanchal Mahajan is your personal nutritionist for better health. She welcomes you at a safe and supportive space where you can receive compassionate care from expert nutritionist. here you will get personalized care from trustworthy professional.

Dr. Aanchal Mahajan has combined approach to Nutrition, Health and Disease. She believes that adequate nutrition is the key to good health and wellness. She knows the importance of nutrition across the human life cycle starting with pregnancy, then progressing to infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and the elderly.As a nutritionist She completely understand the role of macro and micro nutrients for good health.

Her approach is different. She believes that getting healthy needs more than “just eating less and exercising more”. She evaluates each client individually and provides a nutrition plan which is balanced in nature and easy to follow. 

At this platform you will find real changes in your health with personalized nutrition coaching and behaviour change support so you can stop stressing about food and start practicing healthy habits.

Our mission is to help you heal your body with a science-based approach. Your labs and lifestyle will be evaluated to uncover what your body need to heal from inside out.

Weight Management Diet Plans

Weight Management Diet plans

Weight gain diet plans

Muscle gain diet plans

Disease Management Nutrition Plans

Nutrition in Respiratory disease

Nutrition in Cardiovascular diseases

Nutrition in Gastrointestinal disease

Nutrition in Liver and gall bladder disease

Nutrition in Kidney disease

Nutrition in Diabetes mellitus

Nutrition in Typhoid

Nutrition in Dengue

Nutrition in Covid 19

Nutrition in Rheumatoid arthritis

Nutrition in Food allergy conditions


1 Month
Diet Plan

3 Months
Diet Plan

6 Months
Diet Plan

Virtual Nutrition Counselling

Steps Included In Programming Diet Plans

Body Analysis

It is the first step to measure the various aspects of your body.It gives us better understanding of your body which in turn will help us to set achievable goals.

Resting Metabolism
Body mass index (BMI)

Counselling Session

It is the main core of the whole process. Its focus is to understand whether you are in pre-contemplation phase or contemplation phase, so that we can do behavioural modification for weight management.

Creating Diet Plan

After taking the proper measurements and having good counselling session, We will be to understand your lifestyle. Now we will programme the diet plan as per your daily routine. Diet plan will include easily accessible foods and it will work even while you are busy at your work, or you are traveling.

Follow up Sessions

Weekly follow up to look for progress and discuss about the problems you are facing while following the diet plan.