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PCOS (POLY-CYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME) is a hormonal disorder which is very frequent among every 10th women during reproductive age. This hormonal change in the ovaries leads to numerous small collections of follicles which further resists production of eggs.So Women with this disorder face problems in having regular and healthy periods .This problem has more chances to occur after the age of puberty and may be higher when you are overweight or any of your blood relation family member is having this disorder.


Exact cause or reason behind this problem is not discovered or known yet but some factors plays big role in giving birth or increasing this problem-

• Over weight leading to insulin resistance- In a normal human body,uptake of sugar by tissues is mediated by insulin.So if an individual is having resistance to insulin,she will have higher blood sugar levels in the body.To counter this high blood sugar level body produces more insulin. This excess Insulin leads to the production of male hormone ANDROGEN which resists ovulation.

• Hereditary – Studies shows that any blood related family member with PCOS can increase the risk of PCOS as some genes are linked with PCOS.

•Production of Androgen(Male hormone) 

sometimes ovaries produce unnecessarily male hormone ANDROGEN which resists ovulation and develop male characters in women’s body like hair growth or Hirsutism.



•Irregular Menstrual Cycle- Missed,delayed or getting periods before time.

•Growth of Excess Hairs- Growth of hairs on those body parts where men usually have hairs like chin or face. It is called “HIRSUTISM” ,occurs in 70% of women with PCOS due to release of male hormone ‘ANDROGEN’ in female body.

•Acne- Oily pimples on face , neck and upper back because of androgen.

•Weight Gain-Excess weight gain and difficulty in weight lose.

•Baldness- Male pattern baldness and thickness of hairs.

•Darkening of skin- darkening of skin in the groin and underneath breasts.

• Disturbed sleep- woman with PCOS  faces Sleep Apnea which is associated with Insulin production. Snoring loudly or having choke of oxygen during sleep and feeling tired even after whole night of sleep.

Signs of pcos

• Polycystic ovaries

On ultrasound enlarged ovaries with multiple cysts are seen



Infertility , miscarriage or premature birth  , Sleep apnea etc are the problems caused due to PCOS

Problems due to PCOS

• Infertility 

• Miscarriage or Premature Birth

• Sleep Apnea

• Endometrial Cancer

• Gestational Diabetes

• Eating and Sleeping Problems

• Anxiety or Stress Problems

• Frequent Uterine Bleeding.

• Liver Problems- Inflammation in Liver Due to accumulation of fat.

• Metabolic Syndrome- High Blood Pressure and Sugar, Cholesterol Problems which increases the risk of Heart Diseases.


Sex hormones OESTROGEN and TESTOSTERONE are responsible for weight lose or gain. It is still not clear that Obesity is risk factor for PCOS or PCOS is risk factor for obesity.

So we can say that PCOS and weight gain has very close relationship.

Studies shows that women with PCOS , find very difficult to lose weight because of Insulin, as insulin promotes fat storage and increases weight.Excess production of insulin results in  instant weight gain of 20-30 pounds.

So it is must for women with PCOS to lose weight.

It is difficult but not impossible , change in lifestyle and diet can overcome any problem.

Let us discuss some ways to reduce insulin reaistance which will automatically help in weight reduction-


PCOS individual requires a diet according to the need of body. There must be cut in those foods which raises Insulin and have  more those food items which reduces level of insulin. Distributing carbohydrates evenly in whole day  is also a way to balance insulin. 

• EXERCISE OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES-  It is one of the best method to balance the level of Insulin. Having one hour of physical activity burn calories and control insulin level which helps in weight loss.

One can choose any type of exercise:-

i. Walking and Running

ii. Resistance Training

iii. Swimming

iv. Aerobics

v. Any Sports activity.

• SLEEP-   8 hrs  of sleep is must for each and every individual to have healthy body. So if there is any history of disturbed sleep or sleep apnea ,do consult a registered medical  practitioner as treatment of sleep apnea can lowers the level of insulin.

• RELIEVE STRESS-  Stress and Anxiety is directly linked with serious health problems . There is a hormone in our body named cortisol which is produced because of stress and gives strong effect on the level of Insulin.Yoga , Meditation, Physical Exercise are very effective way to control it.

*Losing weight is one of the best treatment for PCOS* 

So individual having PCOS must contact a registered dietician for changing eating habits and also a personal trainer for instructing  better workouts to lose weight fastly.

*Must note that , One will not lose weight instantly like a miracle. It is a time taken process,so be patient and promise your self that by changing daily routine in healthy way ,will let the magic of healthy diet and exercise work on  the body and will make body free from this Syndrome like a miracle.

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