ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Do you like to challenge your fitness now and then?

Or do you just enjoy going to gym, public park which have some pull bar and dips bar to have a great workout?

if your answer is yes, add one of these workouts into your schedule to brake your monotonous regardless of what are your fitness goals. These workouts will definitely test your fitness level covering all your strength, power and endurance capacity


Stephen : 30-25-20-15-10-5 rep rounds for time

The Seven : 7 Rounds For Time

Ten’s : 10 rounds for time

Madness : For Time

Feel free to mail us anytime you wish to enquire regarding these workout and can even share how you felt about these workouts.


These workouts are for those who are already living a healthy lifestyle and indulge themselves in regular physical activity. Do consult your Physician before starting any new physical activity for your safety.

Adhere to fit team and staff will not be responsible for any kind of harm, pain, fracture, cramps, injury or even death caused by any of the workouts listed on our website.